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Let’s Meet The new district

About HD-37

The new hd-37

Based on the results of the 2020 census, Colorado’s districts were redrawn by the Colorado Independent Redistricting Commission. These new boundaries will take effect for the 2022 primary and general elections.

We’ve created a Google map to help you determine if you’re in the new district’s boundaries or not:




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Current ElecteD State House leaders

Redistricting changed Colorado’s State House boundaries. The current elected legislators that represent the new HD-37 won’t live in the boundaries of the new district, which is why there is an open seat in the new district. The State House Representatives that currently represent what will become HD-37 are Representative Tom Sullivan, Representative Meg Froelich, Representative David Ortiz, and Representative Naquetta Ricks.

Rep. Tom sullivan

Rep. Sullivan, a Democrat, represents the current HD-37 and has since 2019. He is now running for the State Senate in District 27, and will hopefully take office in January 2023, which is when his term in HD-37 will end.

Rep. Meg Froelich

Rep. Froelich, a Democrat, represents HD-3, which currently covers Greenwood Village. With redistricting, Greenwood Village becomes part of the new HD-37 and is no longer part of HD-3.

Rep. David Ortiz

Rep. Ortiz, a Democrat, represents HD-38, which currently extends East roughly to Holly. The new HD-37 boundaries will move that boundary West to Colorado Blvd.

Rep. Naquetta Ricks

Rep. Ricks, a Democrat, represents HD-40, which currently extends South to capture the intersection of Arapahoe & Parker. The new HD-37 boundaries will include all but the Northeast part of that intersection.

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