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Economy & Affordability

Small businesses & Workers • Bringing down costs

Endorsed by: Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters, Communications Workers of America – Colorado State Council, Colorado Advocates for Rural Electrification (CARE), Colorado AFL-CIO, SEIU Local 105, UA Local 208, & AFSCME # 18 

As an economist, Ruby understands the importance of a strong & stable economy. Ruby is working to improve the economy for everyone by encouraging job creation and keeping down the cost of living. She prioritizes small businesses and supports workers. Our economy works best if everyone is doing well.

Inflation has made Colorado’s affordability problem even worse, and we must take action to reduce the impacts of inflation on consumers and businesses. Ruby supports policies that work to keep prices down, while helping to increase pay for workers to help keep up with inflation. Additionally, people on fixed incomes need specialized economic solutions to ensure they are able to maintain their way of life in these challenging times.


Public Education
  • Pre-school & ECE

Endorsed by: the Colorado Education Association & American Federation of Teachers

As an alum of Colorado public schools, Ruby is committed to ensuring every child has access to a quality education. This means supporting our teachers with the resources they need in the classroom, and making sure they can also afford to live in the district they teach in.

Women’s Rights

  • Equal pay
Endorsed by: EMILY’s List, Planned Parenthood Action, COBALT & BlueFlower Fund

When it comes to a woman’s right to choose, there can be no compromises. Ruby is steadfast in her commitment to protect the right of a woman and her doctor to make the appropriate healthcare decisions, without interference from the government. This is a fundamental right, and must be protected.

While women have made great strides in recent years, including becoming Vice President of the United States, there is much to do to reach true equality. Here in Colorado, our state legislature is closer to equally divided than many other states, but women are still in the minority, despite making up half of the overall population.

Ruby supports equal pay for equal work policies, and will make sure that current laws are enforced. Women are an integral part of our state’s economy. Ruby fights for women to be at the table when making labor policy.

A clean & safe colorado

Clean jobs  • Protecting our land, air, & water


Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time, but we have still failed to take bold action to protect Colorado’s land, air, and water. Summer smoke and late snowfalls are immediate symptoms of a growing problem.

Ruby is a leader on protecting our Colorado way of life, as well as our most valuable resources. Ruby is working to reduce smog, stimulate the economy and create jobs in alternative energy, and even save us money on our energy bills.

Too many politicians make promises about climate change, yet too few actually do anything. Ruby prioritizes these issues while ensuring the most vulnerable among us are protected in the process.


Public Health • Mental Health

Endorsed by: Colorado Nurses Association, Colorado Dental Association, & SAFE (Science and Families Engaging Action Fund)

The conversation around mental health has come a long way lately. Advocates, including current elected leaders in HD-37, have championed de-stigmatizing mental health treatment and worked diligently to increase access. Ruby continues to champion mental health policies.

Health insurance and health care costs continue to be a drain on everyone’s wallet. We can, and should, do better to reduce unnecessary costs while ensuring that people can receive affordable, quality health care when they need it.

Civil Rights

Racial Equity 
  • LGBTQ+ Rights

Racial inequality is a systemic problem in our society, impacting every issue in our community from public education funding to climate justice and the uneven effects of the pandemic. Ruby’s Jewish heritage serves as a strong reminder that equality is always a priority, and history shows the consequences of ignoring the problem. Ruby is committed to crafting every policy using the lens of racial equity.

As a bisexual woman, Ruby is committed to protecting the rights of LGBTQ+ people to live their own experience, without discrimination or threat of violence. Hate crimes have no place in Colorado or the United States, and it’s high time that we learn to accept people for who they are.

Safer Communities

Safe schools • Common sense gun safety • Keeping us safe from crime

 Endorsed by: Colorado Professional Fire Fighters, Colorado CeaseFire 

Keeping children safe at school is an area where we simply cannot fail. Too many parents have suffered in ways that no parent should ever have to suffer. Ruby commits to help carry on the district’s legacy of making sure that no other families have to go through preventable tragedies at school.

Gun safety doesn’t have to be a divisive issue, though some special interests benefit from trying to make it one. Ruby supports common sense gun safety measures that help protect our community, without violating anyone’s rights. We can do better, and we will do better at keeping our community safe.

Though HD37 has less crime than other parts of the metro area, we can and should do more to keep our community safe. 


Protect Fixed Incomes
  • Medicare & Senior Healthcare

Rising prices and costs of living are a growing problem in Colorado, and inflation already impacts everyone. But for people on fixed incomes, it can be devastating. Ruby is working to protect pensions and retirement accounts while using her economic expertise to help limit inflation in our state’s economy.

Too many seniors face rising prescription drug costs or struggle to find care. Ruby supports efforts at the State Capitol to ensure that Medicare & other health programs for seniors cover as many benefits as possible for seniors to reduce the strain of medical costs.


  • Care & Assistance

Coming from a military family, and with experience working in VA medical centers, Ruby respects the service and sacrifice of our nation’s military. Fully funding Colorado’s veteran services is a personal priority to Ruby.

In addition, Ruby makes it a priority to aid Veteran constituents however possible. Whether advocating for them in their interactions with the federal government, or connecting them to employment services, Ruby is someone Colorado’s veterans can count on.

Housing Affordability

Relief for homeowners
  • Lower rent

Housing is the single largest cost of living in Colorado, and it is out of control. Ruby is working to reduce costs for renters and homeowners alike, while making it easier for those experiencing homelessness to get back on their feet.

The rising costs of owning a home in the metro area have hit people hard and damaged our economy. They have hit first time buyers and even homeowners well on their way to paying off their mortgage. Ruby is working to reduce the financial burden of owning a home to make home ownership more affordable and accessible to all.

Along with rising home prices, rent has increased astronomically in recent years. This puts an enormous strain on younger people trying to establish themselves and it creates setbacks for people trying to get themselves back on their feet. We need to protect renters and make sure that people can live in the same community they work in, which will in turn strengthen the economy for everyone.