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Meet Ruby

Coloradan, Economist, Fighting for our future

My family moved to Englewood, Colorado when I was 2 years old, and for me, Colorado is home. I’ve always loved the natural beauty our state has to offer, and I admire the Colorado spirit that combines a fierce independence with a true sense of community that means we are always willing to help a neighbor in need.

Colorado is a great place to live and work– and I’m determined to keep it that way!

I have a lot of great memories from my childhood here in Colorado. My family prioritized service as well as achievement, and my earliest memories involve volunteering in local food pantries and soup kitchens. 

Unfortunately, chronic illnesses took their toll on my family, and no matter how hard my parents worked, we struggled. My mom took on odd jobs to supplement her wages at the local grocery store. Soon, we made trips to the community pantry we regularly volunteered at to collect food, rather than to distribute it. I took on my first job at the age of 14 to help my family make ends meet.

In addition to work, school, and community service, I had a passion for singing and performance while in high school. One of my favorite moments during my youth was being invited, several times, to sing our National Anthem at Colorado Rockies games!

I take great pride in being a Coloradan, but also in being an American. We have faced a lot of challenges during our history, from threats both internal and external, but there has been a steady march towards justice and progress. I’m committed to continuing to fight for greater freedoms, greater equality, and greater opportunities for all.

Despite my family’s hardships, I was lucky enough to attend great Colorado public schools. I studied hard, and eventually leveraged that education into a graduate degree in Economics from The University of Oxford.

I became a professional economist primarily for one reason: to help ensure that all families have the opportunity to succeed. We can all benefit from a strong and prosperous economic system.

I am proud of my charity work, helping to lift people out of poverty. I’ve been responsible for multi-million dollar budgets that resulted in getting people much-needed help and resources to improve their lives.


Now as your State Representative I’m bringing that same economic insight to the Capitol, which is a perspective that has been lacking from our elected government. 

Too many issues are falsely framed as “Democratic” or “Republican” solutions, when really we need the right solutions. For example, I believe that Capitalism is a great economic driver, and we simply need to ensure that everyone can see those benefits–not just a select few.

Thanks to all of your support, we can bring a fresh and forward-looking outlook to the Capitol.